About our company

  Our Mission – To provide the most dependable and helpful hosting across the globe. About Us At Itechost, we work every day because we want to offer a simple and reassuring hosting service to anyone from the novice first time user to the more experienced and technically savvy user. Everyone is currently guessing. They don’t know the relevance of Bandwidth, SSD, Memory and many more mind-blowing jargon speak, we will always be there to resolve and hold your hand through any questions or issues that might arise. Supporting our customers with any technical hosting issues is our priority. We will ensure all services are delivered rapidly and professionally with due care and customer satisfaction. The hosting business should be simple and clear to our users regardless of your knowledge of hosting. Our mission at Itechost is to make the process of hosting more transparent and issue free. We will always treat our customers fairly and are confident our customers will find hosting with itechost an enjoyable experience. We want to make web hosting, shoutcast hosting available to as many people as possible (across the globe).