Affordable Business Video Hosting & Live Streaming Services​

Streaming for IPTV & OTT With the Wowza® platform your viewers will enjoy the best possible video experience. Our software makes the delivery of live and on-demand video simple and economical.
Streaming for Computers Reaching viewers on PCs and Macs has never been easier. Wowza Media Server® 3 makes it affordable, simple and scalable.
Streaming for Mobile Deploy Wowza® platform for streaming to iPhone®/iPad®, Android™ and other smartphones and tablets with ease. Any-protocol support means no missed mobile opportunities.


£ 22
67 / MO
  • Contending Spectators 150
  • Transmission Quality 512 Kbps
  • Live Streaming or Playlist
  • FTP Space 5 GB
  • UNLIMITED traffic
  • HTML5 Player


£ 34
01 / MO
  • Concurrent Spectators 500
  • Transmission Quality 1024 Kbps
  • Live Streaming or Playlist
  • Space 20 GB
  • UNLIMITED traffic
  • HTML5 Player


£ 45
35 / MO
  • Spectators 800
  • Transmission Quality 1024 Kbps
  • Live Streaming or Playlist
  • FTP Space 50 GB
  • UNLIMITED traffic
  • HTML5 Player

Check out the features and benefits we offer.


All plans with plenty of broadcast features, ftp space, plus Full HD quality for you to enjoy with quality.

Panel in English

Control Panel totally in English and implemented with several functions so that you take advantage of the maximum of possible resources ..

Dynamic Playlist

Live streaming recorder, start and stop when you want without restarting streaming ..

24/7 Customer Support

Knowledge Base containing articles with step by step information, to help you with your streamingn at any time, Also you can contact us via support tickets for any question that you have.

Live stream on Facebook and youtube

you can broadcast to facebook and youtube at the same time with our stream addon 

30 Days Money Back

We’re confident that once you try us, you’ll love us. If not, let us know within 30 days to receive a full refund.